Partnership with Tim Hortons

The Future Begins Today partners with the Tim Horton’s Children’s foundation to provide spring break and summer camp experiences to students who would normally not have the opportunity to go away on vacation or, in some cases, have the chance to leave Troy. They participate in activities that promote teamwork, cause them to push themselves to do things they didn’t think possible and encourage and support individual effort. The camp and facilities are gorgeous, the food is outstanding and the activities are fun and creative. The most important result is that the kids are respectful, polite and very thankful for the adventure. This experience would not be possible without the strong partnership with Tim Horton’s and the efforts of our volunteers to act as chaperones during the camp. In many cases, our college students who were part of TFBT volunteer and act as role models demonstrating confidence and the unlimited possibilities for their futures.

Annual College Day Visit

Spending a day on a college campus allows students to imagine themselves on a college campus and further encourage them to stay in school, get good grades and pursue a dream of post-secondary education. Without these college programs, many of these students would not heave have the chance to be exposed to college or visit a campus and therefore would not see it as an option. This is a day that provides hope to students that college is a possibility.

Van Cleve College Day

Committed to our value of encouraging life-long learning, TBFT coordinates an annual college day with Edison and Sinclair to provide early exposure to college as an option. Student representatives and staff personnel from the Office of Admissions of an area college spend the morning at Van Cleve 6th grade School. The program presented throughout the morning encourages the elementary students to think about going to college and informs them what it is like to be in college. The teachers and staff get involved by wearing and displaying their favorite college colors and clothing.

Van Cleve – WACO Project

Thanks to our partnership with the Troy Rotary Club and the Waco museum, we are able to work together to teach the Troy 6th graders about WACO and the importance of it in the world and Troy history.