The Future Begins Today (TFBT) provides student programming that reaches beyond the students who are enrolled in the TFBT Club program in Troy City School building. These Outreach Activities provide entire grade levels opportunities to experience options and pathways for their futures. Here is a glimpse, just to share a few…

“The Future Begins Today” Book

A The Future Begins Today founder, board member and retired Troy principal, Alan Zunke, figuratively and literally wrote the book, “The Future Begins Today!” This books is a creative introduction on how students can begin to prepare for their futures as even a third or fourth grader. With the leadership of each school counselor, TFBT board members and staff, this read-along educational opportunity is presented each year to an entire grade level in the Troy City Schools district. Each student receives a copy of the books as a gift!

The latest version of “The Future Begins Today” was co-authored by Alan Zunke and former executive director, Natalie Rohlfs, with the beautiful illustrations and printing provided by the students of Upper Valley Career Center. This project was made possible with a generous gift from The Troy Foundation during a recent “Growing a Greater Tomorrow” community matching gift program.


Our camp partnerships, when available, allow Troy students to leave town for a unique experience to build teamwork, build character traits and skills to bring home with them and to apply at school. Through positive encouragement, students (and their chaperones) push themselves to try new activities that they didn’t think possible. The camp and facilities are accommodating and comfortable, the food is outstanding, and the activities are fun and creative. Often times, one of our most-seasoned TFBT Club Advisor generously trains students prior to camp about proper table etiquette. And, the most important result is that the kids are respectful, polite and very thankful for the adventure. TFBT Club students have the first opportunity to attend camp, and remaining slots are filled with campers who are nominated by Troy City Schools’ staff. This is a student favorite!

8th Grade Goes to College

Spending a day on a college campus at age 13 is not very common, and TFBT and Troy City Schools have discovered that providing this opportunity for students has encouraged them to plan ahead, stay in school, work harder and consider options for pursuing training or education after high school. With thanks to Troy Noon Optimists and the Miami County Foundation, this program has allowed nearly 350 students a year to visit a local four-year college, often times Wright State University, to gain this memorable experience. A majority of Troy’s students have not yet visited a college or a campus prior to this experience!

WACO Aviation Invasion

TFBT’s long-standing partnership with the Troy Rotary Club and the Waco Air Museum has provided every Troy sixth grade student since 2007 an “Aviation Invasion” experience. This TFBT outreach activity teaches WACO’s history in Troy and its impact globally. Students spend a day outside of the classroom and have hands-on learning experiences with science, math, aviation careers and more. They even build and launch their own paper rockets!